Our mission is to realize all kinds of entertainment using technology and creativity.
Our mission is to provide amazement, excitement,
and fun to people around the world and to contribute to society by bringing smiles to people's faces.
In addition to becoming an essential company in the global entertainment industry,
we wish to bring pride and happiness to our employees and their families.
Passion, daring, innovation, inspiration
Creating products which combine a sense of expectation, superiority, usability, and originality.
Accumulation and improvement of conception, creation, planning ability, and technical ability.

  • AR

    The first two letters of our company name come from the Archaeopteryx, which we also use in our company logo. The Archaeopteryx was the first dinosaur to fly and became the ancestor of all birds, and it expresses our challenger's spirit as well as our desire to place value on leaps of inspiration.

  • U

    The third letter expresses UNIVERSAL's desire to offer entertainment to all people, freely and with no boundaries between products or regions.

  • Z

    The fourth letter, in combination with the initial A, carries the meaning of "Everything from A to Z".

  • E

    And the final letter represents "Entertainment".

The combination of the meanings of all five letters of ARUZE contains our company's strong ideals:
Possess the spirit of a challenger, do not be held captive by product or area, and provide all kinds of entertainment.

People foster others; people bring fascination to others; people realize the ideas of others.
Exceptional things which have been realized inspire others and energize them. The foundation of manufacturing is to make people's lives rich in every sense.
Those who can think about making others' lives rich are people. Therefore, people are treasures and the source of everything.