About Aruze Gaming Technologies

Searching for "Aruze" yielded a result of "Universal Entertainment Corporation." Is there a relationship with this company?

The overseas business division (Casino Division) of Universal Entertainment Corporation (previously Aruze Corporation) split off from that company and became the present Aruze Gaming Technologies Co., Ltd. There is no capital relationship between the companies.

Is it possible to reuse images, text, or other content from this website on other sites?

Reproduction or reuse of the images, videos, text, etc. used on this site and on special model-specific sites is not permitted.

Is it allowable to place a link to the Aruze Gaming Technologies on our site?

Links to this site may be placed freely. It is not necessary to notify our company before or after placing such links.

In what sort of business does Aruze Gaming Technologies engage?

While our primary business is the development of casino machines, we are active in a wide range of entertainment businesses. As an example, we are working on the development of robots incorporating the latest technology..

About recruitment

Does your company offer an internship program?

We are considering such a program. When a decision has been made, we will post information on our recruitment web page or in other locations.

Does your company offer the possibility of working abroad?

As our company is active globally, there are fields offering such opportunities.

Is it possible to apply to your company with no experience in the gaming industry?

We welcome applications from inexperienced persons. Many of our employees began without experience in the industry.

Are tours of your company available?

We do not conduct in-house tours. However, the company orientation sessions that we hold regularly as a program for new graduate recruitment provide opportunities for visits. See "Application Guidelines" for details.

As a company that targets overseas markets, do you require skill in English?

There are job categories for which it is essential. As the industry itself is global, many employees study English after joining the company, and we welcome those who wish to actively learn.

What should I do if I am interested in more than one job category? Is it possible to apply for more than one?

Yes, this is possible. If you are interested in more than one job category, please note this in the remarks area of your resume.