press 2019.02.07

【The second】The guide robot "ARISA" participated in a demonstration experiment of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Between Wed. February 6th and Tue. the12th (except Sat., Sun. and holiday) in the period shown below at the Tourist Information Center in Ueno Okachimachi Staion on the Oedo Line, the Metropolitan Subway, the guide robot "ARISA" is going to take part in the "Demonstration experiment of guide and guard robots in the facilities of the Metropolitan Subway" organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Wed.February 6th 10:00~16:00, Thu. February 7th 10:00~1600, Fri. February 8th 10:00~16:00, Tue. February 12th 10:00~14:30

This is the second time continued from December 2018.

It will be held as a demonstration experiment for robot handling imformation and inquiries at the staion on the Metropolitan Subway where various users come and go, which is a part of the" Host City Tokyo Project" for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics/Paralympics. Therefor ARISA who is usually working as a receptionist in our office will be absent during this period.

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