press 2018.11.26

The guide robot "ARISA" participated in a demonstration experiment of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The guide robot "ARISA", which was develped with the cooperation of THK, will take part in " the demonstration experiment of guide and guard robots in the facilities of the Metropolitan Subway" organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. It will be held as a demonstration experiment for robot handling information and inquiries at the staion of the Metropolitan Subway where various users come and go, which is a part of the " Host City Tokyo Project" for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics/Paralympics. Please look foward to future activities.

The dates will be between Mon. December 17th and Fri.the 21th till 16:00. It will be at the Tourist Information Center in Ueno Okachimachi Staion on the Oedo Line, the Metropolitan Subway. Therefore ARISA who is usually working as a receptionist in our office will be absent during this period.

" ARISA = ARUZE ROBOTICS INTERACTIVE SOLUTIONS ANDROID"  It means that a robot solves various problems by dialogues.

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