An entertainment
AI reception/ guide robot

ARISA was named after the first letters of the words from"ARUZE ROBOTICS INTERACTIVE SOLUTIONS ANDROID".  It means that an android solves various problems by dialogues. Originally ARISA was developed from an idea of creating " a casino dealer robot". That's why it implements various functions to entertain users includes reception functions with sounds and images.


  • Outstanding presence

    A life-sized robot with smooth movement has outstanding presence.

  • All-in-one design

    What you need to do is just locate it and connect an outlet and LAN. There's no superfluous work.

  • Custom made

    Face, body and clothes can be custom made. We are able to provide your original robots.


  • Entertainment contents

    Entertainment contents are the standard equipment, which attracts interest of users.

  • Reception functions

    It has been operating as a receptionist unmanned for more than 1 year (from Feb.2018) and has garnered immense praise.

  • Intoroductuon/guide functions

    The functions such as introducting the product, calling staff and guiding the company, are installated.


  • From the user's perspective

    Intuitive operations such as visual guidance and visualizing conversations are possible.

  • AI on board

    Taking advantage of various AI functions to implement leading hospitality.

  • Operation by dialogues

    Clarifing the purposes from interactive convasations.

Dealing with various problems

  • Resolving the manpower shortage
  • Corresponding with inbound visitors (4 languages are available)
  • Automation
  • Sharing know-how
  • Improving customers' satisfaction
  • Increasing work productivity
  • Cashless
  • Cost reduction
  • Communication
  • Human error reduction
  • FAQ
  • 24 hour 365 day oparation
  • Utilizing big data

Inquiry about ARISA

If you think about introducing ARISA or getting product information, please contact us from the inquiry page.