• History of Casino

    It is said that the origin of casinos is in Europe. In the 1600s gambling houses for upper class and common people were spread. The oldest reputed casino in the world is in Italy, established in 1638.
    In the US, casino was legalized in Nevada in 1931, Las Vegas has been developed as a town of casinos. Still now it attracts many tourists.
    After 1960s, the Theme Casinos which targeted families and tourists were built, the integrated facilities of entertainment such as shows and resorts became mainstream.
    Macau in China has had casinos since the Portuguese governing age. Since 2001, it has rapidly developed by bringing in foreign capital.
    Now, it turned into the world's leading casino city where large casino resorts are lined up.
    Because the origin, history and culture of casinos are different in each area, limitations and details are various.
    Today, casinos are legal in about 140 countries and areas and there are many casinos in the world which are a tourism resource.

  • World spreading casino market

    At present, casinos have roots deep in each culture and economy as an amusement of the general public. Many casinos are operating all over the world, Including North America represented by Las vegas in the US, which is well known in Japan.
    In Asia, Macau has been a famous world's leading casino city with a long history. In the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore with the background of economic growth, activities of building new casino facilities are accelerating.
    In Japan, as development of IR(Integrated Resort includes casinos) related legal systems are proceeding, some casino facilities are expected to open, so the large casino market is still expanding.

  • New challenge of gaming industry

    Consequently, growth of the casino market is related to the demand of casino machines(gaming machines).
    At present, not only large producers, but also various small and medium enterprises enter the market. With the expansion of the market, more companies from other industries are considering new entrants. In this competition, new technologies and ideas are introduced, gaming machines are developing day by day.
    In casino market spreading to the world, each country and area has different needs and roles, so that we are required to develop products fit to each market.
    We analyze markets from the information of our offices around the world and develop products for each market with our long cultivated know-how.
    Not just gambling but with entertainment, gaming machines are evolving to provide users more interactive experiences. As a maker of providing them, we create new products with non-conventional conceptualization.