Fussing over the details,
dispatching fun to the world.

01 The reasons I joined the Aruze.

From a player to a producer

During my university time, I didn't go to casinos, but used to play at Pachinko Parlors in Japan. Of course, I was just a user, however I became interested in the system behind fun and aspects of games as I studied how to win on the slot machines. For example, I was thinking about one effect in a game, " It would be more interesting if it changed like this". Since I studied liberal arts at the university, I didn't have any expert technical knowledge at all, gradually my dream to be a game creator became bigger. The machine I played avidly at that time had attractive effects and was a challenging game. That led me to think, " I want to make such a game".

02 The best part of my work

A turning point after entering the company
led me a different way.

Right after joining the company, I was assigned to the probability design team that configures assorted figures based on the rules and the game balance. As I expected, I needed some knowledge of probability so that I started to learn. However, I didn't have enough knowledge compared to my contemporaries from the science field. After all, I belonged to the team for one year, I was far behind my colleagues. My senior at that time held another duty as a director. Naturally, I  supported the director's duty more, then I was appointed to a director. The director's job managing the progress of the whole process, connecting each section such as visual, music, system, hardware design and probability design, was completely different from the job I had been in charge of before. Therefore, I needed to learn so many things, but I feel this job is close to my vision of creating games, thinking particularly about pictures, sounds and effects. I believe it is the merit of our company that we can find the role that fits to ourselves from various jobs even after we join the company. The reason makes it possible is we work on the total process from planning, development, to release in house.

03 My future

The high degree of freedom cultivates originality

On the development of casino machines, there's almost no company like us, which handle planning, to release in one place. Under such circumstances, we are able to spread ideas internationally. That is the attraction of this company. For example, there's no section called " the Planning Division". No matter which section you belong to, any staff can present their planning notes freely for the new title's planning. The culture that any ideas are basically welcome is rooted in the company, so that all staff feel the joy of freely pursuing their possibilities. We have a common theme to spread something unique that only we can make, to the world. Of course, I have a desire to make up a new title from zeros with my own ideas. In the future, it would be awesome if I can get involved in machine planning for Japanese casinos expected soon.

Would you like to pursue the fun of the world with us?

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