Joy to challenge
the world in my view

01 The reasons I joined the Aruze.

Wish to stay in the environment where I can challenge

I used to work for the development of "vibration isolation system" to restrain fine vibration, which are used in research institutions and makers. It was a niche business, but I was satisfied with my job that I could expanding the area of my activities as an engineer, challenging new fields step by step from hardware design, embedded programing, measurement and analysis of vibration. But the circumstance changed suddenly, when the corporate strategy began to sift from development to technical support. I started having unsatisfaction and considering job change little by little. Among many companies the reason I had an interest in this company was the system generates a large profit by development of casino machines, which are the total products using visual, hearing and sense of touch. Also, company style and culture supporting challenges were a big charm for me, who had a strong desire to challenge a new field as an engineer.

02 The best part of my work

Challenge to realize the new enjoyment

At the beginning, I didn't know anything about what I saw and heard, because my last job was in completely different field. But also there was pleasure to learn new knowledge from zero. After three months since entering the company, my assignment was decided to be the advance development department. I'm still in the same team, handling specification design of the future products and examination of combination in hardware such as CPU. This is the position that I can input a lot of new information, searching for an ideal situation of the next generation products. Therefore my sensitivity for unknown technologies, specifications and devices became much sharper compared to before changing my job. Another good style of our company is welcoming each ideas and challenges, since we constantly need innovative ideas in our field. If you are interested in new device from overseas, soon you can give a presentation in house, and order it to examine. It is a pleasure as an engineer that I can pursue future possibilities freely in a speedy work place.

03 My future

I want to know more deeply about joy of each work

The fun of casino machines are created by high level integration of various elements such as game design, sound, visual effects and operability. Our company completes almost all the process of development by ourselves, naturally there are various field's specialists like hardware engineers, software engineers and creators, and they have different rolls. However, barriers between each section is pretty low. Many of members have curiosity about new technology, specification, elements and system to create new fun. So, it is a usual sight that people tell their opinions even for things out of their field in charge. In such a free and easy atmosphere, I believe that the discussion of various ideas brings the appeal of our products which stand out in the world market. I would like to brush my talent and get as wide knowledge as possible and take a major role in more innovative product development.

Would you like to pursue the fun of the world with us?

If you are interested, please apply.

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