Concentrate all our power for making a title
which dominates the world

01 The reasons I joined the Aruze.

I want to see the final product that I made.

I used to work for a system development company as an engineer before. I was in charge of collecting huge data and batch processing of the customer information and sales at a client's office. It was a worthwhile job that I handled a system for thousands of aggregated data, but on the other hand, my role was just a part of a large system and I couldn't feel "I made it". In that kind of condition, my desire "I want to make something that I can see the outcome" is gradually getting stronger, and I decided to change jobs. Originally, I like games so that I was considering only the entertainment companies for my career move. I was interested and attracted to this company because all the processes of casino machines development is self-contained, from hardware, SVD, GD, software, probity design to application. As an engineer, the environment that I can engage in the whole process of a title, from kick off, development and even after release, was attractive to me.

02 The best part of my work

The position which is the role in the "center" of fun.

After I joined the company, I learned the basic jobs through developing an easy mini game as a task. Then pretty soon, I took part in the development of a new title. Even now I look back at that time, I was very lucky that I could engage in the whole process from kick off to release as an assistant of my senior. Through that experience, I could learn that a person who's in charge of development has a role to integrate various elements from engineers of each section like probability designers, sound creators and designers. Amusement and gaming performance of casino games changes radically according to the balance of each element. Therefore, our attitude to raise the quality is essential. To create a proudly "fun" game, we follow our intuition and sensibility honestly and exchange opinions objectively between the persons in charge. Sometimes we should reset all that we accumulated. But, we have a big love to our products.

03 My future

Wish to expand the range of technique and ideas

After I engaged in the development of many single games, I was transferred to the ETG team last year. I'm in charge of new application work of APX mass games. The development of APX mass games is a new platform and it was the first challenge for our company. So, to prepare the application, I needed to start from nothing and prepare documents in many fields. Obviously, we had a hard time, but thinking about my future career, it was a precious experience for me that I could learn the total process of application while I got a deep understanding of games and their fun from a different point of view then I had before. In addition, through this project, I felt the necessity of expanding the range of technics and ideas that our company holds. As well as communicating with external engineers and learning systems of other games besides casino machines such as consumer games or cell phone applications, I'd like to adopt diligently good parts from them.

Would you like to pursue the fun of the world with us?

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