Delivering "Fun!" to the world,

Aiming for "One & Only" engineers group-that is the Aruze Gaming Technologies.
Here's our features.

  • 01 Reforming the business with proven technologies

    Since our establishment, we've been always taking the path as " One & Only" engineers group which strive for "Fun" in the gaming industry. In the world market among many oversees companies trying to get shares, the reason we can express our great presence is that we have strength. We have development technologies of reels which even top makers copied and now they have become the world standard. Also, our members have been striving to provide "Fun as never before" to the players.

    Industry first, Developed an AI reception robot

  • 02 Unique Japanese planning

    There many state-of-art amusements which entertain people. Our company positively innovates that kind of amusement aspect and provides "Fun" to the world as only a Japanese maker can. Actually, products which the characters' expression changes, are common now a day, started from our product as its origin. We are always challenging to new plans. In these years, we have provided interactive play in which players can be a part of such as introducing controllers shaped like fishing rods and mega reels which players can control by themselves. We receive support from players around the world.

    Original projects are born from this environment

  • 03 Produces all sounds in-house

    Our company is the only one in Japan, which completes the process of producing gaming machines from planning to development within Japan at the Tokyo head office. From planning, development, design, video production to license application, all specialists are working closely in one base for development. Furthermore, by maintaining cooperation with the survey department in the US and production sites in the Philippines and other countries, we are able to catch the trend of world users quickly. We optimize the production costs and provide more than 100 products a year.

    Produces all sound effects in-house are better quality and cheaper.

  • 04 Business operation know-how under the high standard compliance of the industry

    Business in the gaming industry is administrated by the national governments in every country of the world and without a license a company cannot enter the business in that country. Therefore, corporations are required to be highly transparent and accountable. Under the strict compliance of the industry, our company has experience and know-how that we have gained from more than 50 years of business operations since establishment.