Aruze Gaming Technologies is the only one company in Japan,
which completes the process of producing gaming machines from planning, development, to license application within Japan.
Let us introduce our work flow which provides "Fun" to the world as each department creates synergy.

  • 01Planning

    We analyze the market trends in each country from the field survey and the information of our offices in the US and the Philippines. We plan new titles based on our knowledge mainly accumulated by the probability design team. There is no special team in planning. We have a style that every staff member submits their ideas equally, then adapt to rules, regulations and balance of possible ideas as we discuss among departments.

  • 02Development

    The development commences based on the planning concept and specification. Under the director who handles the whole project, according to the schedule, each section like probability design, design, video production, sound and hardware design, construct various elements needed for a game. They are integrated by the program team, then the basic system of a game is completed. After repeating adjustment of the game balance, we create a new "Fun" form.

  • 03Debugging

    The title once made up is transferred from the development team to the debugging team. We verify problems or troubles in each operation of games, various display items and calculation probability based on the checklist we set up from every angle. In that process if we find a point to be improved, we give feedback to the development team and we correct or modify. We repeat this process to enhance the product quality.

  • 04Application

    To install the completed titles at casinos in each country, we must apply to the government.
    The procedure of application is different in each country and area, a special application team handles it. After the permission comes down without mishap, we start mass production for release.